Fertilization and Weed

Feed your lawn and flowers and say good-bye to weeds!


There is a wide range of plant and lawn foods available, from manure and compost to liquid, granular, and powdered feeds. We will find the product best suited for your properties need. At Grandview Landscaping we apply a high nitrogen weed prevention and feed product to your flower beds, prior to the installation of mulch and flowers. This application will leave your lawn and flower beds weed free for the entire season!  We guarantee you will "Enjoy the view." Contact us today to learn about what options are available to you!

**Discounted prices for Seasonal Application Coustomers.** 

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Lawn Fertilization


Provide your lawn with the essential nutrients to create a thick, lush appeal during the entire growing season. Nitrogen enriched fertilizers allow for balanced ph levels in your soil.  

Floral Fertilization


Ensure your flower beds are full of flourishing plants by providing them with the correct nutrients as and when they need them. Yield beautiful, exuberant flower beds through the use of nitrate rich feed.